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Features:• Real time power at wheels.• Top speed• Peak g-forces (Acceleration, deceleration(braking) and lateral)• View and share performance report.
Xhp measures speed based off the Doppler shift of GPS carrier signals and uses it to calculate acceleration.Readings obtained using Xhp are fairly close to the actual power at wheels which is usually 80-90% of the power at flywheel.Here are some tips for getting accurate readings:• Input correct gross weight. Gross weight is all up weight of the vehicle including driver, passengers and luggage.• Ensure good GPS signal reception. Passing under bridges and tunnels or keeping your device enclosed(example- in a glove box) will impair GPS accuracy and lead to bad readings.• Perform tests on flat roads. Performing tests on up-hill or down-hill sections of the road will result in wrong horsepower reading.
Please note: If you havent used your devices GPS lately, it might take slightly longer to acquire a GPS fix.
Safety advice: Respect local traffic laws and drive under the speed limit. To test your vehicles limits, please head to a local race track and avoid hooning on public roads.